CVSTGUITimer, Can't Get It To Work

Me being a n00b again. I’d like to initialise a CVSTGUITimer in my controller.cpp but I can’t get the syntax. Very little comes up in web searches and ChatGpt keeps offering me examples that don’t work. For instance this lambda form throws me “no instance of constructor […] matches the argument list” as does every other form I try-

VSTGUI::CVSTGUITimer timr([]() {int dummy = 0; }, 1000, true);

The only things that don’t throw an error are, as the first argument either “NULL” or a control I happen to have a reference to in the code, but in the latter case it then crashes when running with a request for a timer* object. Of the couple of examples I’ve seen online, “this” ought to work but doesn’t seem to work either. I’m at my wits end. I’d just like a timer that calls a function (or a lambda) every X milliseconds to do a display update for a blinking LED.

Any help? What am I not understanding?