Cybase 13 Bad Windows Bug

Just dicovered this little beauty.

When I start a new project, I normally create a new folder under windows explorer - the same reference as the new track I’m starting (I often start a number of tracks in one batch and create a folder for each).

I created a folder “Test Folder 1” (all folder in this directory are in date order)

Create an unnamed project in the new folder and load a VST in

Change my mind and decide to abandon that project

Go back to start over - and find that not only has the unnamed track gone (which I expected) - The entire folder “Test Folder 1” has been erased!!

Surely this can’tbe right

Pardon me if this migh look a little odd - but this is my first attemps at posting with pictures :slight_smile:

I think this is the same issue being discussed here:

Looks like it - thanks for the heads up

Paul :+1:

Dont like the look of this. Is it a feature (that could cause deletion error) or a bug?