Cybase8 - Renaming tracks

In the new version af Cubase, the guy’s from Steinberg have removed the little box in the upper left corner, where I could rename each track. Nat the main track name, but the name written on the track itself. I use this feature a lot, keeping track of different parts in each track. Now it is gone - is it still posible to rename the track - I think I have tryed almost everyting I could think of :frowning:

Open the info Line (CTRL+i)

You can change the name there.

I have inserted an attachment image.

Also when you name the track and while the cursor is still in the name field shift + enter will name the track and audio/midi part.

Ofcause - stupid stupid me :slight_smile:

That’s precisely what I did in Cubase 7.5 too - Thanks for refresh my memory. I tend to forget shortcuts, I don’t use so often.

Best regards