Cycle audio record question..

Hi… my first post!

I’ll bet this question has been asked numerous times… I’m a former Cubase 5 user, now using Artist 7. When I used to cycle record audio, I would loop a section and for example do 10 takes, and maybe the 10th one was good… When I stopped recording after take 11 started, take 10 would be sitting on top, and all the takes were together as 1 “piece”, and if I wanted to switch to take 9 I just had to select it from the right-click menu.

Now however, all the takes are stacked on top of each other and if I try to re-size I’m only resizing the top take… and the last incomplete take is kept, so I have to delete it every time. Very frustrating, and almost impossible to work that way… There must be some way to change it to work the way it used to? I really hope…

The “comp” tool (the hand on the toolbar) is the new way. It took me a little while to get used to it but it works pretty well. I am using Cubase 6.5. I’m not sure if its the same in Cubase 7 but since no one else replied I thought I’d mention it.

How about changing the audio record mode to to Cycle History + Replace? That gives the behavior you described, correct?

No, then if I record 4 takes and stop, and grab it to move it, I’m only moving the top take 4, the other 3 remain in place. I want all takes I just did to be “bundled” together… I see how the comping tool works, but I never want to assemble 1 take from multiple lanes, I just record in short sections and edit those. “Replace” is kind of the closest thing, as it keeps only the last take, and you can change it to other takes by right clicking. But, it’s a pain how it keeps the last incomplete take so you have to set it one back, and also I don’t want to erase what’s underneath.

“Keep history” is probably the best, I just have to make sure to select all the underneath takes if I want to resize, and always delete the last incomplete take from when it cycles around again. There should be a “discard last incomplete take” button… and a “bundle all takes as 1 part” button. After working for years that way I can’t believe this version doesn’t do it!

If you do Delete, Select in Loop, does that get you where you need to be? If I have correctly understood, it should.I only tried it in Cycle History + Replace

The last take will be the only selected take, so delete works there. The other takes will become selected once you hit Select in Loop. You said part, did you mean an actual audio part (container of events)?

You can make it a macro and there’s your button.