Cycle Audio Recording and Multiple Tracks

I’ve been recording drums today and I did a bunch of audio cycle recording. Great feature! I could work on one section at a time and get it just right - or at least ready for comping! My question is this… Is there a way to select the take I want to hear on all 13 tracks of drums without having to go to each track individually and choosing the take? It’s taking forever this way!

If possible, group each take of 13 tracks after each pass. Then you choose one of the tracks and go to lanes mode where you can use the mute tool to audition them (all the tracks in each take will mute with the lane of the grouped take). You can also cut the tracks (placing them in a folder makes it easy to cut all takes at the same spot) and comp them by grouping the takes this way.

Assuming you are using cycle recording, I do not believe there is an easy way to group the takes. You will need select the last take on the first track and then hold the shift key down to select each track to then group each take (a bit of a PITA). Once you group the top (last) take you can temporarily pull the take back a bit so that you can do the same for the next take back and so on.

The good news is that Cubase 6 has a killer new feature called Edit Groups that works wonderfully and negates the need to do any grouping etc. I’m sure we will eventually see this in Nuendo, but the question is when.

Right, I’ve been tracking and using the track grouping. Just can’t do that in cycle mode. I’m excited to hear about this Edit Groups feature. I hope they bring that technology to Nuendo soon!

How about this guys…

Set up several folders. In each folder are the number of tracks needed to record the drums (with all routing, processing, etc). These folders can contain the same number of tracks assigned to the same I/O.
Then you arm the first folder, record, un-arm and mute the first folder, arm the 2nd folder and repeat.
Now you can edit and mute the various folders to create your comp in a way that is much easier than the present
lanes functionality and yet it is really just a different twist on lanes editing.


Hmmm… I like it. I think the only problem would be ‘final assembly’. There would be no easy crossfading as the different parts are on different tracks and you wouldn’t be able to ‘delete overlaps’ which I use to clean up after I’ve made decisions… I guess there are ways to make it work though if you put your mind to it. Then you don’t have to do all that pesky grouping of tracks. Which leads me to my latest gripe:

When you get into editing grouped tracks, I’ve more than once had individual tracks drop out of the group. Then 10 edits later, you realize that you only editing 12 out of your 13 tracks! Doh!