Cycle key commands for lower panel and jump bar

Is there a key command to either cycle through the different modes in the lower panel or to switch to them directly?

And with the jump bar, is there a key command to cycle between “Commands” and “Go To”?

Jump bar ( It says Alt-C, but that doesn’t work for me.

Oops, missed that one. Thanks! Just the lower zone to sort out now - couldn’t see anything in key commands and recording a macro didn’t help.

Oh yeah, doesn’t work for me either. Hmm

Reading comprehension = 0. Ctrl+1/Alt+C for Commands, Ctrl+2/Alt+G for Go To.

There are no shortcuts to cycle between the items in the lower zone at the moment, but we could certainly add that in future. I’ll make a note.


Shoot, great minds think alike…

Is it possible to “fake” it by making a macro fore each tab? And on that not… Also make one for each CC/ velocity lane?

I think you would have to make such a macro by moving the mouse to specific positions on the screen, which is always more brittle than having the ability to trigger a specific thing by way of a shortcut. We do plan to add this, but I’m afraid we’ve not got around to it yet.

I’ve found that on Win 10, +left arrow and +right arrow also move between commands and go. You need to release the tab key between each move.

In The “What’s New In Dorico 4.3” video, Anthony mentions the ability to cycle through the lower panels at 8:10, however I can’t seem to find that command, only a command to cycle through lower panel size.

I’m not at my computer but if you search for the key command, does anything pop up?

Sorry, I assumed that you didn’t already do this!

You can set commands to display any panel of the six available in the lower zone. For some reason, I am not able to make it work, and haven’t found why yet… It’s stuck on the key editor.

Ant’s talking about the ability to cycle the size of the lower zone, I think, between 25%, 50% and 75% of the height of the project window.

There is a problem with the new commands to open the lower zone and show a specific panel that we need to address; you’ll find they sometimes work, and sometimes don’t.

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His exact wording was “… you can also set a key command to cycle through the different panels…”.

Anyway, not to worry, I’ll keep hoping for it in a future version but I’ve been getting along just fine as it is.

I was wondering: is this shortcut now available in Dorico 5?

Yes, you can assign a key command to Cycle Lower Zone Panel to cycle through the lower zone panels in the current window mode.