Cycle locator bug

hey there,
i am using cubase 10.5 and i guess that this is not a feature, but a bug…

whenever i try to audio export using cycle markers, the end of the cycling marker region, which is overlapping onto the next cycling marker region (overlapping because of delay, reverb etc). is included in the next cycling marker region, but when i just export (audio export without cycling markers) those manual, the problem is not occuring. how can it be achieved, that the overlapping audio is not included while exporting through cycling markers?

the next thing i figures out is, that if the timeline starts to play (or this region is exported to audio) and is located on a midi note (not before the note play, but somewhere between start and end) the note is play and rendered if exportet to audio from the point of


This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.