Cycle marker functions greyed out

I’m trying to use cycle markers. The manual says “To set the marker start/end of the selected cycle marker to the cursor position, select Project > Markers to open the Markers window, and select Functions > Set marker start/end to cursor.”

Can anybody tell me why the two cycle marker functions - “Set marker start to cursor” and “set marker end to cursor” are greyed out & unavailable.
I’d like to use cycle maker by placing it to start at the cursor point , and then fix the end to another cursor point, rather than having to use locators to do this. Is this possible?
I don’t know if that’s two questions or the same question, but what am I not getting right?

You need to insert a cycle marker and select it in the marker list in the the Marker window first before these become available.

Not directly. You’d have to insert a cycle marker first and then use the functions. Or select the draw tool, hold down Control and drag in the Marker track.

Thanks, I understood this. But the functions are greyed out, so I cannot use them.

Here’s a picture of what I mean.

Looks like you’ve found a bug.

Hmm. Can anyone else reproduce this or is it just me?