Cycle marker handles wont drag 10.5.12

Anyone else had this issue or am I misunderstanding the method?

The manual says to simply drag either end of the cycle marker to change the length but when I click on the tail and the cursor changes to a double arrow, I drag it to the preferred position and it moves with my pointer but on letting go of the mouse the marker hasn’t moved but remains in the old position. Same when I drag the beginning or the end.
Is it a bug or am I missing something please?

Thanks in advance!


It works to me here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin and thanks for your kind attention! You are right. It works ok in safe mode.
I have had this restriction for a while now but yesterday I went through all preference settings to fine tune various things now I am becoming more familiar with how I want to work with Cubase, so I would prefer to find the specific setting if possible rather than start again with all default preferences. Any idea which area to start please?

I’ve looked through all parameters and can’t see any ‘marker’ specific or any that sound like they would affect the marker stretch feature.
I haven’t changed any modifiers so it shouldn’t be that section, in fact there’s not much I’ve changed to be honest but can’t remember exactly which over the last 6 months.
Is there a way to export & see all preferences in a textfile so I can compare the default vs mine then can change one by one?


Unfortunately this is not specific settings you could choose. It’s a bug. Something went wrong and as a result this happened. You could try to delete only the most obvious files like Defaults.XML or User Preferences.XML. But these files also contain the most of the settings, so you would change some other something anyway.

Understood. Many thanks for your help. I will try each.

All working fine now after deleting Default.XML.
Whatever preferences settings I had changed, I haven’t missed any as yet anyway!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again Martin!