Cycle Marker KC Issue

I have several Locate Markers and Cycle Markers on a project. I have no problem switching between them. However, when I switch between the Cycle Markers, the activation ruler does not automatically follow to the currently selected marker. This, to me, is a major design flaw. But that point is for a later discussion.

Product Support told me to assign “ACTIVATE MARKER TRACK” as a key command, which now makes this a 2 step process. But okay, if that’s what’s required, so be it. I figured I’d just write a one button Macro later.

My problem is that this key command doesn’t work! :scream: It doesn’t work in Nuage, no does work from the QWERTY keyboard. The ONLY thing that works, at present, is for me to physically cursor to the Marker track, pull down the Cycle Marker Menu and check the CM I want activated!!

Anybody here have this issue and, more importantly, a solution for this?

I stand corrected. There are now 2 ways to activate the CM. I just double clicked on the CM itself and the Activation Ruler lit up. Unfortunately, both of these methods require the cursor, not to mention the already annoying “after the fact” status.

I don’t understand why the key command doesn’t work.

Because, in Windows, when NumLock is on, pressing shift will temporary deactivate it. So you can’t really use the Shift+NumX keycommand to “Recall Cycle Marker X”. Deactivate NumLock and it works fine.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not using the Keyboard for locating CMs. I’m using a Nuage controller. I turned off the number lock, as you suggested, but it didn’t make any difference. Whenever I shift to a new CM it remains gray until I double click on it. Then it turns purple and is activated.

It’s a minor irritant. So, I’m not going to lose any sleep over this. I just didn’t understand why it didn’t automatically move the activation field. I appreciate the explanation. Of course, Now I’ll be wondering why turning the Num Lock off didn’t make any change. :laughing:

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