Cycle Markers and Tempo Changes


Looking for a little help on how my Cycle Markers are behaving when I change tempo’s in a Project. I seem to recall that if the Cycle Markers are set and snapped to the grid (lets say between Beats 1 through 2) and I decided to change the Project tempo the Markers would stay set to the snapped values. But I’m working on a new project and trying a few different tempos, the Marker points are not moving when I switch away from the original tempo. Not sure if my memory is of this is incorrect or if I changed a Preference setting that is causing this.

Attached a screenshot to show what I see, top pic is the Project at 132 bpm with the Markers snapped for two beats, the bottom is the same project after changing the tempo to 128. Notice the Marker, at 128 bpm the cycle is not extending to the end of beat 2.

Thanks in advance.

Change timebase on marker track you use for cycle markers to Musical. Then it follows bars+beats.

You can experiment and create a couple of marker tracks - and see how it differ with timebase chosen.

Larioso, thank you for the response. I will give your suggestion a try, I don’t use marker tracks too often so I’ll need to experiment a bit.