Cycle markers export with fades

For a live rock concert I want to be able to export 2 outputs:

  • Full concert
  • Separate songs
    The full concert should be one seamless recording of one hour. But I want the export of the separate songs all have a 0.5 second fade in and fade out, else the audience noise starts/stops abruptly.
    Of course I can make a copy of the full project and then add some volume automation, or slice the events and fade them, but then If I have to edit I have to do that all again.

There must be a better way to keep both possibilities in one project?

Use Track Versions. In your situation make sure to read the manual about how the Version ID numbers work. If setup properly they will synchronize multiple Tracks when you switch between Versions. This will let you switch all the Tracks between the full concert and single song versions all at once.

Tried to use that and in first idea this looks good. But when I listen to the mixdown and I find something to edit then I have to apply that edit in both versions. Or do I see something wrong?

No, you’re correct. Seems like once you have created 2 related but different & independent things you would always need to edit each one on its own.

What are the kinds of edits you want to make after you have split the recording into individual songs and is there a reason not to have done that work prior to splitting out the songs? Perhaps it is just a matter of making sure everything is finalized before splitting out the songs.

Of course you are right that before you mixdown you should be sure everything is good in the mix. But the separate tracks go to my bandmates. They might have comments. The full track (without the fades) goes to the video editor who will put it under the video.
All is played on different equipment (cars, mobiles, stereo sets) so I expect some comments to be fixed.
It is not really a big deal just to do the fixes and then again add the cuts and the fades (20 minutes), but I thougth that in 2022 I could have missed a solution for that.
Maybe a feature request to steinberg: add a possibility to automatically add or remove a fade in/out at each marker start/end, or add this in the export dialog

Ah, got it.

Here’s what I’d do

  1. Select all the Audio on the Tracks and Split the Audio between each song
  2. This will leave all the songs butt cut against each other so it plays fine all the way through but each individual song will start/stop abruptly
  3. Duplicate all your Tracks (lets call the original Tracks “A” and the copies “B”)
  4. On the A Tracks delete the Audio Events for songs 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.
  5. On the B Tracks delete the Audio Events for songs 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.
  6. Finally (with Snap off) adjust the beginnings & ends of the Audio Events so the songs overlap and cross fade them
  7. Now if you mute the B Tracks you can Export the A songs with fades, but if no Tracks are muted it should play back as one continuous set cross fading between the A & B Tracks

That’s indeed a good plan as long as there is no better way. Thanks for that!