Cycle Markers-Navigations, Start, change Fonts, colours...

I use Cubase 6. In the project I use a lot of Cycle Markers, which a navigate /control/
with the help of Browser – list Cycle Markers. I use buttons Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, arrows Up and arrows Down.
Cycle Markers I start with button Play Selection Range.

I have two questions:

Is it a possible to change the type, a height and colour the Font in the list of Cycle Markers, also the colour the background?

Is it a possible to start Cycle Markers for example this way: I want to run Cycle Marker with ID number 248. So I press buttons on the PC keyboard 2-4-8 and then button Enter and then button Play Selection Range. In this moment start Cycle Marker ID 248.
Could I start it like this? OR Is this future?