Cycle markers

1.1)Marker track
1.2) Possibility to add several cycle markers and jump through them
1.3) right marker shouldn´t go beyond the left marker and viceversa unless it is used as in Cubase for jumping that zone, that would be interesting.
2) Tracks view: add mixer to lower zone
3) Mixer view: possibility to re-order tracks and stick them to left or right zones, i.e move stereo out and group tracks to the right.

You can use Parts as “Markers”, Lyrics are also “Markers”. Also Markers 3-9 will be added soon to Actions and Shortcuts.

In the making.

Don’t understand that. You can jump to the right locator at any time just as you can jump to the left locator.

You can activate mixer in lower zone when in tracks view…what do you mean?

We are working on channel order functions.

I mean that when the right locator is to the left of the left locator the “cycle” region is jumped (not played), if not there should not be possible to move the right locator to the left of the left locator.
This is Cubase behaviour.

Sorry, in my laptop the lower zone tabs fall behind the transport bar and I only see the default sampler tab in lower zone. Checked it in my PC and you are right the Mixer tab is there.