Cycle MIDI recording in a similar way to Audio...?

I think this is quite a common question, but I’ve been searching back through the Forum history and I can’t quite find the answer.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? My understanding from what I’ve read is that it isn’t possible (but I really hope I’m wrong).

My use case: I mostly record Audio but use Superior Drummer to add drums using a Roland V-Drum kit. I’d like to be able to play along with a track and record takes as if I was using any audio instrument.

Can you help?

(and sorry if this has been asked many times over the years)

I guess you want to cycle MIDI recording and get each loop on its own lane?

Click the MIDI dropdown in the lower left corner and select “Stacked” Cycle MIDI recording.

From the manual:

Each recorded cycle lap is turned into a separate MIDI part, and the track is divided into lanes, one for each cycle lap. The parts are stacked above each other, each on a different lane. All takes but the last one are muted.

Thanks Guca. That’s not quite what I’d like though, I don’t want to hear the last take when I’m recording.

I did try something yesterday - retrospective recording and then inserting as Cycle - it seemed to do it (i.e. produce laned takes without playback while recording the takes).

“All takes but the last one are muted.” The “last one” is the one you are recording…

Hahahahaha. I get very easily confused! I will try it!