Cycle mode - shortest possible section?

Just been playing around with the shortest possible looped section I can make using the cycle locators, seems that it can manage a loop of 5 x 1/128 notes and anything shorter than that it fails to loop? Anyone got any experience with this? This means that the shortest loop we can work with is about 1 32nd note long, is that about right?

is it useful to do a loop, within a 32nd note?

Depends what genre you’re working in I suppose. I wanted to see what it sounded like yesterday, so I guess it was useful to me at the time, yes. Any idea if shorter loops are possible?

nope, sorry. P.S:: for which genre you need this: (drum nbass, edm, hip-hop, glitch-hop)

More of a sound-design tool/mucking about really, but genre-wise I guess I’m looking at/thinking about electro/neurofunk. What I ended up doing was looping a 1/32 sample of a bassline, then putting a phaser over it and recording this into Logic through sound flower - reimport to cubase and stick some slower (120bpm) dnb style drum patterns behind it, kind of got me an interesting sound.


I had a feeling, it’s not synced with the Bars and Beats.

I tested it on 2 systems, and I found, it’s Sample-Rate dependend. When I was using 44.1kHz, I was able to make a Cycle loop of 2205 samples, not shorter. When I was using 96kHz, I was able to make a Cycle loop of 4800 samples.

So it seems like Sample Rate devided by 20.

Is the minimum actually related to the audio buffer size you’re using perhaps? Not that I can test at the moment! Also, you could try using the Arranger to create loops too, maybe this goes smaller???


I was also thinking Buffer Size is involved, but it isn’t.

So is that the same as 1/20th of a second long?

Which at crotchet=120 would make a 32nd note 0.0625 seconds long, so roughly the same?

i have also encountered this plenty of times…

when you make a really short loop, the audio drops out.

  • i have also noticed that the Disk performance meter maxes out into the red when this happens…
    maybe its because the disk cannot handle repeating a sample in such short intervals… idk…

But when you use 60BPM, them it’s 1/64 and when you use 240BPM then it’s 1/16 “only”. So it’s pretty useless to measure it in the Musical measurement.

It amounts to the same elapse of actual time though, right?