Cycle-Recording fills midi automatically

Hey everyone,

I would like to know if that’s a bug, waiting to be submitted or a lacking feature, or even a setting I just didn’t find yet:

When I record something within a cycle, Cubase always automatically fills out the whole cycle with one midi-part. It doesn’t matter which Midi-Record-Methode I use; whether it’s stacked (which I prefer) or one of the others, Cubase always fills out the whole cycle. So when using stack, I end up not hearing the midi parts which are already in the loop, cause they are covered by the almost empty midi-part automatically created by cubase. You can find a screenshot showing three parts and one monstrous empty part covering the rest attached.

I don’t understand the reason for that to be and why or how one should turn that off. I keep finding myself having to edit a lot of overdubs/additions or constantly turning on/off the cycle.
I also tried detaching the record punch in/out, it didn’t help either.

Thanks for coming back to me whoever finds time.