Cycle Recording on Audio Tracks

Hi Community,

I am currently attempting to cycle in Cubase 11 while recording instruments on different tracks (essentially a looped performance). I am using a combination of Instrument tracks and Audio tracks. When I initially start recording for the first time, Instrument tracks work as intended. Once the 8 bar loop has finished and starts from the beginning, the Instrument track will continue to record while playing back what I have just recorded. However, this is not the case of Audio tracks:

The issue is that I need Audio tracks to have the “Monitor” button turned on while recording (so I can hear myself), however as soon as the loop starts from the beginning again, I am unable to hear what I have just recorded until I turn off the monitor button. This behaviour is to be expected, but it ruins the musical flow in the context of a looped performance.

I just wondered if there is something I can do to get around this, or if there is something that I’m missing.


Have you looked into setting up direct monitoring in your interface?

Well, regardless, the audio track will never play back more than one lane… right? It never acts like a group. Only for MIDI, I believe… So if you’re trying to layer on an audio track, it won’t really work. You’ll only ever hear your most recent lane.

Direct monitoring, yes. That would help with the monitor button issue…
Or a footswitch assigned to it?

you always hear what you play or what is recorded on the last lane…
there is no “merge” available for audio like for midi

this makes no sense to the normal use of a DAW
you need to use special software for this kind of recordings
maybe you can find a VST plug-in for this…

has a plug-in database

You can create a Track in a Project that is dedicated to listening to Audio Inputs and letting you hear them. This allows you to hear what’s on your inputs independent of the Monitor button setting on the Audio Track you are recording to.

If you think about it a Group Channel is pretty much the audio equivalent of MIDI Merge


Thanks for your response. So would this just involve routing all Audio tracks to a group track?