Cycle Recording, Please Help


I really hope that I am not reposting something, not sure how to search for a topic to see if it’s posted.


I just switched from Pro Tools to Cubase to take advantage of VST Expression and all the awesome MIDI capabilities, but I am having a REALLY hard time understanding Cycle record.

In Pro Tools, they have what called a new playlist, meaning that I can record a part, then just add a new playlist and record another take. I can do it anywhere in the project and I can do it with both Audio and Midi tracks.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do it in Cubase. All I want is to be able to record a new take and have it keep all my takes on lanes… So I set my transport controls to

MIDI record Mode: Replace
MIDI Cycle record Mode: Stacked

Now, does that mean that as soon as I want to add another take, I have to set my locators and determine where I want to punch in and out and then turn on cycle mode?!? Just to record a new take?

What if I want to be more free and just record a new take somewhere else?

So I tried setting my locators to the whole project and then I realized that it wouldn’t make a new take unless it completed the cycle.

Also, if I record 3 lanes in cycle record, and then I want to try 3 more, it deletes the previous 3 takes…

Bottom line is, I need to be able to record new takes, I won’t use the stacked with no mute or anything like that, its just to save performances.

How do I simply record new takes and hopefully, without cycle record on. I want to just record a new take, while the previous take gets bump to a lane and prevents me from hearing it.

Thanks very much!!!

Set MIDI Record Mode to New Parts.


Ok, and thats the closets that I have gotten to the answer I need!!!

However, when I do that and I try to record on top of the last take, it plays both takes, and I only want to hear the one I’m playing and bump the previous one to a new lane.

How do I do exactly this same thing but not hearing the take that I am recording over?

Also, it is playing all of my lanes all the time. I only want to hear one, the last one.

Thanks again for all your help!

After setting the record mode to new parts, set MIDI cycle record mode to stacked (and not Mix-Stacked)

It’s only when cycle recording (in New Part/Stacked mode) that Cubase will mute the other lanes. Otherwise you’ll have to mute them yourself.

I think it’s a little counter-intuitive that with two overlapped MIDI parts both parts will play, but when audio parts are overlapped only the top part will play.


Also, if I use New Part, Stacked mode, then yes, I can record without hearing anything, but if I stop and then try to record even more takes over that one, it plays the last take I recorded while I’m recording the new one…

And if I use Replace, Stacked Mode, and I try to record more takes, it erases the previous lanes I just recorded…

I understand and agree with you. I like to listen to a take, then record another while keeping what I had. I always have to manually mute the takes. I suppose I could create a macro for this - I have never used macros before (Would it go something like this: select events on track, mute, record??) I welcome suggestions from the Cubase wizards.
The feature I would be looking for would be an option in MIDI Record Mode saying something like “stacked - mute other lanes”

I always felt the manual described this procedure very well.
Also there is a video tutorial, perhaps not yet for 7