Cycle recording question. Answer + Demo

I’m trying to do a tight punch in and out in Cycle mode and would like each cycle to play a couple of bars lead in before punching in to record.

Is this possible?

I’ve tried using preroll and markers, but once the cursor is within the punch in and out points it only cycles between those two points. It doesn’t seem possible to get it to play a bit before the punch in point in each cycle.

To answer my own question, it is possible in N8.

Punch in/out points can now be set independently from the left/right locators. This means that while cycling between the left/right locators, the punch in/out points can be set within the locator range.

A small but significant improvement.

Damn … you are good at this!

If you are talking about answering my own questions, I have to agree with you.


Hi fenderchris! How did you do it?


Set Left Locator to bar 4
Set Right Locator to bar 7
Click on the little Padlock icon. This will unlock the Punch In/Out points from the Left/right Locator points, allowing them to be set differently.

Here is a little video demo: