Cycle won't cycle

Hi all…
I have a file that won’t cycle.
Loop/cycle area is set and activated, but play-head just goes right by.
I can close the project, open a new one (Blank Project) with a track/VST and, set the cycle range and it works.
What are some things to check for to see why and active cycle range is not being recognised on playback in a project?

I have the same problem. I’ve set the left and right locators and the cycle button but I can’t even see the right locator?

Same here. I have to click / (cycle) off and on again to work.

Same here, any idea of why it’s happening?

I can’t get it to loop at all. No matter what I do, it just breezes past the endpoint every time. Bizarre. Looks like I’ll be going back to Ableton Live unfortunately.

that’s interesting - I’ve never had that issue. I’m assuming that you have cycle mode activated in the transport controls?

keyboard letter i or o to make loop bluish purple to loop again. what is the orange loop cycle and how to we activate it?