Cymbal Choke?

Hi, relative newbie here.
I’m using Halionsonic standard midi drum sets (GM129) etc at the moment for my projects.
I’d like to know if there is a way to choke crash cymbals or do I need to start looking at plugins.
I’ve tried using fades, volume and sustain controls etc but nothing stops the crash cymbals sustaining.
I’ve seen videos of various drum plug-ins that simply have a choke option on all the cymbals.
Is that the only way I can do it, by looking at plug-ins?

It would depend on the drum set. There is not a choke sound in the GM129 kit. I’m sorry but I don’t see any choke sounds in the Halion Sonic SE sets that I looked at.

Aloha g,

Not exactly a real ‘choke’ but the C# crash cymbal in ‘Dry Standard Kit’
will respond to the length of the MIDI note.

Get it down around 1/32 and it chokes up just fine.
Stretch the event out longer say a ½ note or whole note and it rings out just fine.

The sound (to my ears) is ok for a crash. YMMV.

Good Luck!

i just checked it and it might be ok .
use note expression on key editor with volume curved down on the crash to simulate cymbal choke and copy and past it where ever you need it.

*** you can also change slightly pitch for each choked cymbal to further realistic simulation ! panning ? you name it :wink:

Thanks people.
I’m still using elements 7 as I can only upgrade to full version via box set here in Australia ( no download option) and supply is apparently an issue at the moment. That means I don’t have access to note expression. I’m not sure it would work in this instance anyway. I’ve drawn in cc7 volume control to no effect on my cymbals channel so I’m unsure if note expression will work. When I get the full version (eventually) I’ll check it out.
I’ll look into the dry standard set crash C# suggested but that will be a different sound to my existing project cymbals.
I think it’s probably time for this newbie to dive into some plug-in action.
Thx again.

Im not familiar with elements, but basicly if not for “live” keyboard drumming you can also export one cymable hit to audio and use the volume curve pencil on the event ,fades, or volume automation to “choke” it.
Or maybe its really time for new plugin :wink:

Thanks again guys. I ended up trying both suggestions and ended up preferring the shortened C# idea.
I played around with a number of different ride, crash, chinese cymbals etc in different sets and discovered a few that respond ok to shortened midi length. It’s not consistent. Some respond to shortened lengths ok whilst some don’t.
I tried the midi conversion to audio and played around with fade/volume curve etc but it just didn’t sound like a choked cymbal. Good learning curve for me though as I’d never done it.