Cymbal notehead

I imported a file a long time ago and changed the Cymbal notehead from X to ordinary noteheads, but I must have inadvertently adjusted either the size or the font because I’ve only now just noticed that they’re a bit smaller than in other staves. Unfortunately I can’t remember where this setting is! Can anyone help?

By default Dorico uses what it calls Larger Notehead. Standard notehead size is an industry standard, not the Dorico standard.

I wish there were an option in Dorico to make these Larger Noteheads (rather than the X-noteheads) a default for those of us who use them outside a Drum Set.


That’s a really easy doricolib hack. The factory file that controls this is percussionInstrumentData.xml. Many instruments of course have a noteheadSetEntityID specifying a notehead set other than the default. All you need to do is copy the PercussionInstrumentDataDefinition entry for whatever instrument(s) you want to change from that factory file into a doricolib file, then delete the noteheadSetEntityID line. Without that line, the noteheads will go back to default.


Thank you for this information. The reason I would prefer an option is so that in drum sets the cymbal can be an x-notehead while using regular (“larger”) noteheads for non-drum set work.

I suppose that could be possible by creating an additional instrument, so have one with noteheads set up for single-line use and one set up for a kit. Obviously a bit more work than simply deleting a line, but potentially faster than just changing it manually in Edit Percussion Playing Techniques if that’s something you do a lot.

Never mind, I found my answer. It’s in Setup mode, expand the arrow next to Piatti, and from the three dots in the instrument label choose Edit Percussion Playing Techniques. This was the dialogue box I was searching for. From here if I change the “Notehead set:” selection to (Unset), the noteheads become natural and the same size as in all the other staves - which is what I wanted.

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