Cymbal Swell BBSCO

I finally got my template going WAHOO… All BBCSO. My question is how do I get Cymbal swells from dead quiet to loud PPPP<FFFF LOL…

  1. I created the percussion kit with Cymbals and its connected to the right instance of BBCSO and Cymbals are selected.
  2. I get a cymbal sound when a note is placed (oddly enough there is no graphic representation of the key being pushed in the BBSCO interface, there is one in all the other instruments)
  3. I have tried the Tremelo and thats just one long roll.
  4. I have tried to start with a low dynamic level PPP<FFF but that doesnt work either.
  5. I see in BBSCO that there are a few “articulations” B3 and C4 are crescendos. is there a way to use them or Cresc and Decresc?

Any help would be awesome. Thank you

As you’ve discovered the best patch for this is B3/C4. Obviously the standard cymbals is just a single hit which by definition can’t crescendo any more than a single piano note can!

If you look at the Percussion Map, you should see the playing technique for this articulation is “roll”. So simply add “roll” to the cymbals note as shown below. There is a built-in crescendo here but you can just add the dynamics as well which reinforces the original. Experiment a little for best results.

Thank you for the reply. You got me on the right track. I was typing Shift P and trying to input Roll but it was not showing up. So added Roll and now it works. Thanks for SAVE!!!

strange! My “roll” is not showing as a user defined technique – I thought it was included with the Dorico list in the Unpitched Percussion section so I hadn’t expected you to have to add it Anyway, glad the problem is solved!

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