D 4 activation manager not working

Have been using D4 without problems for about a month now. This morning the SAM just hung on launching. I tried several things like restarting the computer without success. Also make sure no other instances of D4 was running in the task manager. In the e-license control center I’m running maintenance but it’s stuck on step one. Any thoughts?

I should mention that I blew through my high speed internet limit and am now getting dial up speeds.

What strikes me here is that once you’ve registered with SAM, there’s no “call home” to make Dorico work (the Team listened to the users) so your internet connection should not be a problem…

When you run SAM itself directly, in fact it will contact the licensing server to check whether you have any new licenses available in your account. And it may be that if your internet connection is particularly slow that it takes a while to run up, though to my knowledge the volume of data that SAM downloads isn’t massive.

Why do you find yourself needing to run SAM now, @richardC? Is Dorico not running?

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Having the same problem. My internet is fine, everything else loads. Steinberg Assistant will not recognize Dorico license. I have been loading it every day for over a month. Why does it fail today?

Sorry, @leeholdridge, for clarification: you are running Steinberg Activation Manager but it doesn’t make it to the main screen, instead staying on the “Loading, please wait” screen, or something else?

When I open a project I always get the sam popup as shown which I usually ignore and the project opens fairly quickly. This morning it just sits there and I can’t open anything. It’s not responding.

or I’ll get this too

Now I’m getting the Verification Pending notice, but when I enter the download access code for Dorico 4, nothing happens. I followed the steps in your support page, but no luck.

I left the sam popup open to see what would happen and eventually there was a link for further info. The link states that I have no license. I used to have one so I don’t know why it would just disappear. Here is the link: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4413460854546?utm_source=IAP&utm_medium=steinberg-activation-manager&utm_content=no-license-found

Last thing I tried was to go back through old emails to get the activation code and entered it into the license control. It re-downloaded the license but the sam is telling me “verification pending”.

Getting the same thing here.

Windows update ran yesterday (Win 11), so wonder if that’s causing the issue. 2022-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5010414)

Came across this: verification pending expires 2/11…
Maybe that explains why it’s just not me?

I also can’t launch Dorico. And I need it ASAP… Any Steinberg’s server problems shouldn’t stop software.

So, not just a Windows issue…

I did have a similar situation today. I thought about rebooting first to see if that corrected it but (perhaps recklessly) I tried going through some of the multiple activation agents and was successful. I don’t understand most of the technical end of these secondary applications but it worked and Dorico is back up and running. Sorry, I don’t have a step by step of what I did as I’m actually working at the moment and on the phone.

This is what I’m seeing now.

Same here - No Licence found despite 'performing Maintenance tasks with eLicenser.
Mac (Intel) Mojave.
Been running Dorico 4 with no problems since 12 Jan 2022

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I think I did something similar to what mezzo-morano did and was told that I was successful in activating my license but I still can’t open Dorico. Possibly 02/11/22 is a cut-off for registering, which I think we all thought we did but really didn’t. Hope a fast fix is found.

I guess it’s not affecting many people of the forum would be exploding!