D.O. Processing: Reversed Reverb

Currently, in order to create reversed reverb effect on audio, I have to reverse a piece of audio, then create a new empty section of audio and glue it to the audio I want to make the reversed reverb around, render that audio and then delete the original audio. Then I have to add the reverb I want to the D.O. process, apply then reverse the whole thing. Then I usually have to move the audio so that the dry audio parts still fall in the same spot, while the reversed reverb leads up to the original/dry parts.

OR, I can add the reverb to the track’s plugin list, then reverse the original audio, then add the empty audio, then glue it with the original audio. Then render that down, then reverse the audio, then move the audio to match the original position and then delete the original track completely or move it back to the original track and remove the added reverb.

Now, it could be a lot easier. If we had an audio process for extending audio clip lengths, and another one for offsetting audio on the timeline, and if we had a way to save chains of processes along with plugins, it would be super duper fast (currently, you can load an FX chain, but that obviously won’t have any audio processes, like “reverse” or “time stretch” or “pitch” etc…). Additionally, it could be taken to the next level if a chain of these processes/plugins could be saved down in the section where you can save single processes/plugins.

Basically, I want to do a chain that looks like this:

Extend Audio (2 seconds)
Reverb (2 secs long)
Offset Position (-2 seconds)

And then being able to save this chain and recall it very easily would be the icing on the cake!

This would creature a perfect reversed reverb that would guarantee the dry part of the audio stays in the same exact position and it would make the whole process so much faster. Of course, people would be free to replace the reverb with whatever reverb plugin they have and use whatever length they want for this.

The alternative to this would be making a specific audio process for reversed reverb, but I like the flexibility/power of being able to use other reverb; and I feel like “Extend Audio” and “Offset Position” might have many other positive uses outside of this context as well.