Hello, i was wondering if the HI-Z input channel on the UR12 is also using the D-preamp module. I would like to use both the HI-Z and D-preamp features. What would you recommend? Is there any benefit of connecting my guitar in the D-PRE/mic channel with an XLR cable or ill get the same results using the hi-z (assuming its still running through the D-preamp module).

Thanks guys!

The hi-z input is there for instruments (guitar/bass) it is a high impedance input designed so as not to unduly load the pickups of guitars that could change or dull/thin the sound and are designed to get the best out of guitar pickups also unbalanced. Mic inputs need a little bit more gain than guitar inputs and are balanced and can have 48v (phantom power) on them. The D (Darlington pair, a particular way of wiring transistors) input is only on the Mic input. You’ll more than likely get better results sticking to the hi-z for instruments.