D-Pro2 & Noteperformer 3 - Volume Automation possible ?


is there any way to automate the Volume of an instrument in Dorico 2 & Noteperformer 3 ?

I can’t find any mixer Volume automation possibility. Unfortunately, also CC7 and CC11 do not react to any automation. Any Ideas ?

CHeers, lokotus

I believe the only way to influence volume in NotePerformer is by adding dynamics.

It’s not possibly, sorry. Dynamics can only be controlled from the score, by adding dynamics to the score. And changing the CC11 dynamics from a controller lane could also distort playback, as NotePerformer attempts to detect hairpins and changes the dynamic shape of individual notes accordingly.

There should be an easy way to combine all Note Performer 3 Instruments Outputs to a simple Stereo Out mix buss, giving us the option to maybe insert a final limiter (and some overall) reverb etc. for final touches.
But I guess that is a mixer / routing limitation of Dorico right now ?

Thanks, lokotus

Ok Thanks for the answer. Maybe its possible in the future to add the possibility of Automating each Volume Mixer Slider ?
That would be very useful since we have some better Automation Possibility now in D 2.0

I guess everything works in 32bit float internally (like in Cubase) and there would be no really (mixer channel) distortion.

Thanks , lokotus

I’m not ruling it out for the future! But I can’t give any guarantees at this point. I hope that’s understandable.

Hi @Wallander,

Is there any chance of there being an update soon to NotePerformer, so that we can use CC7 automation? The problem is string artificial harmonics; the touch fourth plays back as a fourth and I would prefer to mute the passages than hear this awkward interval in the playback.


Are you aware that you can mute selected notes in the score via the properties panel?

I guess I did not know! Thanks @Dankreider

You CAN do this now even when using Note Performer - just use the final stereo output in Dorico’s (not Note Performer’s) mixer (F3? - not in front of my computer); make sure the channel strip insert section is made visible, and then insert whatever plugin you’ve installed that you want on the stereo output channel…

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