D.S. Position

A lot of people like to put the D.S. UNDER the staff.
So it would be great, to give it a default position, rather than move it for each part.

You can change the default setting in Layout options. This is well documented in the version history document, page 10, which comes with every update. I recommend reading it carefully after each update, as it gives a concise yet detailed description of every new feature.

Thanks for the reply.
But that put all of my jumps under the staff. I would like to put “D.S”. under the staff and “to Coda” above the staff. So I am looking for an option, to individually give a marker a default position.
That is, how I learned to write, and how most of my colleagues read sheets.

Best Regards

Unfortunately that is not an option at the moment; for the time being you’ll have to move the D.S. text below the staff in Engrave mode, or alternatively hide the real D.S. via Properties and add a system text item via Shift+Alt+X and force that to be below the staff by way of its placement property.

Thanks. Another Good Idea to implement this option. I can do it individaully on each instrument, but it is time consuming.