D16 Group Buy

Just noticed that there’s a Group Buy on the D16 Silverline plug-ins. Buy one and instantly get one free, then more as it gets towards the 1000 mark when you get all 6 - it’s at 229 already (250 gets 2 for free).

I nearly bought the Toraverb in their Xmas promotion, definitely gonna get it now…


Dang it!! I just bought Nepheton and don’t have the spare funds. LOL Oh well… like goes on… I can’t believe I haven’t heard about D16 until last week… pathetic.

It’s at 500+ now so buy 1 get 3 more free.

@ UniQueWerx given the choice between all 6 effects or Nephaton I would choose Nephaton hands down.

Not dissing D16 in any way but the 808 sound is, arguably, timeless whereas the effects are geared towards a certain Acid sound.

I love Toraverb for synth lead reverb, Decimort for crunching sampled drums & Redopter for warming up Massive and then got stuck on which to choose but plumped for Devastor.

Which also sounds great!

Actually, that’s a bit unfair of me - the presets are geared towards ‘that’ Acid sound (which I love anyway) and are designed to compliment the rest of their plug ins.

Actually, love Devastor the most now… Fazortan next crosses fingers

Just a bump on this one - it’s now buy 1 and get 5.

It was at just under 750 last time I checked and is now currently at 852, if it reaches 1000 by the 15th of June it’ll be all 6 for the price of 1.

Time to experiment with Fazortan…

Now at 998 :laughing:

1000! Buy 1 get the rest free.