D16 lush does not show up in cubase 12 pro

hi guys

as from title, i dont mange to see lush d16 vst in my new cubase 12 pro; sorry for my bad english; i have made cubase scan the d16 folder, too, but it still does not open. It is strange, it is 64 bit, and VST2.

Any idea ?

thanx in advance

Can you find it in the plugin manager?

hi thank you for your answer, yes but it is in the blocklist . It is VST2 and cubase says " it is not a valid plugin"

i dont know, maybe vst 2.4 or something can be loaded but vst2 cannot?

Are you running an M1 Mac in native mode? If you are then vst2 is not supported

No i have pc. windows 11 and cubase pro 12

please anyone could help me? im stuck here and tried everything but still no solution

What is D16 saying about your issue?

sent them a ticket, lets hope they answer