D2.1 A Fast(er) Way to input Dynamics into multiple Staves


D2.1 is not really doing what I would expect when inputing dynamics.
Example: I Select the first Quarter Note on All Woodwinds Staves - Press Shift +D , then mf (enter). I would expect that Dorico Would insert the Dynamics right away on all Woodwinds Staves. Instead, only Flute 1 gets a “mf”, which I now have to copy and paste into multiple staves underneath.

Any Settings I am missing ? I would find this naturally to also work with hairpins.

Ayn ideas would be welcome,

Thanks , lokotus

I suspect this is not likely to be available in the near future but creating a dynamic at the top of the score and repeatedly copying it to the stave below using the Ctrl+Alt+M (Ctrl+Opt+M on Mac I think) is very fast. Alt+M will move the dynamic to the next stave rather than copy it.

Copying leaves the dynamics grouped. This means that if you change them on one stave they automatically change in the others.

It’s probably also worth assigning a shortcut to ungroup the dynamics so that the rhythmic position can be changed for an upbeat or rest if necessary via the Alt (Opt) Left/Right arrow shortcuts.

I’m pleased with the speed of dynamics. You know, you can quickly Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V as you move the down arrow. Takes less than two seconds for me to copy to an entire section.

I do like the OP’s idea, but honestly, they’re so much faster than they were in F*****, it’s hard for me to want more!

You can do multi-paste. Copy dynamic on 1st staff, then select multiple subsequent staves and do one paste operation.

I see what the OP is getting at though: why isn’t there a way to just select the same rhythmic note position in all the staves in which you want to appear the same dynamic, enter “mf” and have it appear (and automatically be GROUPED) on all said staves? It seems like an extra step to insert the dynamic on the first staff, and then copy it (albeit quite quickly, as people have pointed out), to the subsequent staves…?

  • D.D.

thanks guys. Copy-Paste seems to be the only solution so far. A smarter Way would be the feature to directly insert Dynamics onto multiple staves, that are automatically grouped - We have already a smart way to “multiple paste things”, there should not be any problem to develop a smart “multiple create” feature :slight_smile: I think they even managed to insert this feature in the other :mrgreen: Notation Daw, after the sibelius team left…

Cheers, lokotus