D2.1 Big Midi File Music Score Import - Dorico unresponsive/crash


I have Exported all Music cues as one Midi File (about 2000) Bars with music from Cubase (midi) into Dorico.
After opening the File, Dorico is extremely unresponisive. I cant work, nor copy the midi parts into my other Layout score Template. I cant navigate etc…

Choosing Silent Play mode does not help either. Are there simply too many bars for one flow ?

Cheers, lokotus

Try switching off View > System Track in galley view.

Wow it flys like a monster , yea system track was the problem. Hope you will fix . Thanks for the workaround …
Cheers, lokotus

Yes, we’re working on it! You’ll find it’s fine in page view, but slows things down a lot in galley view. Sorry for the inconvenience.