D2.1 Changing the bar number font style - Bar Number for Parts not changing


I am using Engrave - Paragraph Styles - “Bar Numbers (Parts)” and change the Size. No matter which option enabled (staff-relative or absolute) the bar number sized do not change in the single parts view.

They only change is happening when I use “Bar Numbers (Score)” Size. But this option should only change the Bar Numbers size inside the Full Scores, right ?

Any Ideas ? seems confusing …

Cheers, lokotus

PS Using Win10

Found The Solution: In Layout Options - Select the Part and under Bar numbers Choose Paragraph Styles “Bar Numbers parts”. It was set to Bar numbers (Score)

Layout Options > Bar Number. Set Paragraph Style (top option) to “Bar numbers (part)”

This is probably set by default for projects created since Dorico 2 was released, but for older files you’ll need to do it yourself. Bear in mind that you can shift click all of your parts in the left column of Layout Options and change them all in one go.

great thanks for the shift + click tip !!!

There’s also a button at the bottom of that list to select all of the part layouts with one click, no need for Shift.