D2.1 Changing the bar number font style - Option Disappeared ?


The Manual Changing the bar number font style

tells me to “Select Bar Number Font from the Font style”. I am starring for about 10 minutes (too much wine? :blush: ) on the drop down menu of the “Edit Font Styles” and can not find the “Bar Number Font”. What is going on ? - I remember finding the option in former Dorico Versions…

Cheers, lokotus

PS: Using Win10

Have you tried paragraph styles? I think I remember they moved there with version 2 (not sure about it and really far from my computer)

Ahhhhh thank you - Could somebody please update the online manual ? it was not the wine :mrgreen:

Dear lokutus,
One thing that is very useful to read carefully is the version history document. It’s very well written and full of very interesting information!