D2.1 Different Sizes (Parts/Full Score) for Metronome Text Fonts ?


my music cues consists of several Metronome Marks (Quarter = 120 etc.) almost every 3 to 4 Bars changing.

“Engrave - Font Styles - Metronome Music Text Font & Metronome Text Font” give me the option to choose a good size for the scores. The current problem I have is that the Size seems Ok for The Full Score after tweaking, but is WAY TO BIIIG for the single parts.

There seems to be no control like bar number sizes for (parts/score) to independently choose Metronome Sizes for parts & scores in the Setup-Layout Options.

Any Ideas or Workaround of how I could achieve different Metronome Sizes ?

Thanks, Lokotus

Do you have it set to Staff Relative, or Absolute? Sounds like that’s the problem. You want Absolute.

I have this same problem, so I choose a size that is acceptable for both, but yes, in the main score it’s too small while in the part it’s too big.

We do plan to extend the size properties of font styles so that, like paragraph styles, they can specify a different size in the score and part layouts. I can’t say for sure when this will be done, though.


Is it still something that’s not possible do by now?

I changed the scale of the metronome mark in one individual part, then I clicked on propagate properties, but it affects the score also. And if I change the property in the score, then it will cancel the scale the change in the individual parts. I don’t really understand how it behaves.

Set the font style to suit the part layouts, then scale the individual tempo marks in the score layout. That way there’s nothing to propagate (assuming you only have one score layout).

That makes more sense indeed, thanks for the tip!