D2.1 Extremely Slow Enable/Disable Players for different Flows


Working an multiple Flows (with a full orchestral Layout) and Dorico Things about 5 seconds when I enable / disable a player from a flow. Is this slow behaviour “normal” for the current version of Dorico ?

Thanks, Lokotus

PS: I have used a template I started with Dorico 1. Maybe it has something to do with it ? No time to troubleshoot right now…
(Win10 64bit)

Dear Lokutus,
There seems to be a problem related to System track slowing down projects, especially in galley view. I might be totally wrong here, but try and disable it (alt-t) to see if it helps !

Thanks, disabling system tracks helped increasing workflow and navigation speed. But the slow disable/Enable players thing still exists with System track turned off…

cheers, lokotus

It depends on the size of your project; how many flows there are, and it’s made worse if multiple flows are allowed to start on the same page.

Basically Dorico has to go through each layout and add or remove staves accordingly, and possibly then reflows (casts off again). It should be much quicker at the beginning of the project rather than when the project contains lots of music.

This is certainly something that is slower than we would like it to be: attaching and detaching players that are in a flow from layouts is fast, but attaching/detaching players from flows is slow. We do have plans to optimise this and other similar operations, but the underlying data model is complex and the team have programmed these operations defensively to be sure that there is no chance of data corruption or other unintended side effects. Optimising these processes without risking introducing any such problems is risky and will take time to do properly.