D2.1 Import Midi File with Tempo and Timesignature Information into Flow


I have exported a Midi Files with Tempo and Timesignature Information from Cubase and would like to insert it in the selected (empty) Flow which consists of pre-made Instruments with custom layout options. I also have created an Empty Click Track Player at the top of the score.

Is it somehow possible to import the midi File into a selected Flow directly inside the Empty Click Track Player ? Dorico Always creates A new Flow when importing a midi file and does not correctly find the correct player (with the same “click Track” name).

Also: When you drag a file from the Cubase into Dorico it opens up another Dorico Project - not giving you the option to instead import it in the already opened project.

Cheers, lokotus

I am looking for an easy workflow for multiple music cues from cubase → into dorico …

It’s not currently possible to import time track information from MIDI into the current project, but it’s something we hope to support soon.

ok, thanks

For what it’s worth, I’ve been importing the midi (with matching MIDI track names to my existing flow) into a separate flow, choosing the option (when prompted) to try and preserve existing instruments from the current flow, and then afterwards copying over the actual music notes, etc. into it from flow 1. This approach might let you at least preserve some of what you set up…

  • D.D.

I haven’t tried this, but I expect that you may also be able to do the opposite: import the tempos and time signatures into a new flow or project and then select them and paste into the destination project.

Thanks, thats the workaround I have to use now. For the future it would be cool to have the following possibilities:

  • One should be able to extract Timesignature & TempoMap from an Mid File into the existing flow
  • One should be able to Tell Dorico which player of the currently selected flow should receive the Data from the imported MIDI File
  • Those Import Option would be nice to have when you drag & drop a midi File from the Cubase Arrange window (Which obviously does already work on Win) → That would be a massive timesaver for all Cubase / Dorico Users, since we would not need to actually export any Midi Data, - I could just drag and drop the midi tempo file, clarinet, flute etc. midi parts separately from cubase to the dorico window and tell dorico which player (at what bar position) should receive the midi data in the currently selected flow…