D3.5 new Op Manual

I noticed today a new version that wasn’t there yesterday. Thanks to @Lillie_Harris :exclamation:

I’m appending (with some concern about the usual reactions :wink: ) only just because of the date: 17th of June.

Whilst I appreciate the thought, this really isn’t necessary.


I see: I was just wondering about the date…

Yes. Another 240 pages added to the operation manual in 3.5 – It’s now 1,635 pages long.

I hope Lillie might get a weekend off before starting on V4…

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This is due to a fractional increase in line spacing in our manual ‘template’, one of a few mostly-background-improvement reasons why I bumped a little update.

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How do we get this new manual?

Exactly the same place as the old one: Dorico Pro 3.5 Documentation

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@pianoleo Thanks! [Had forgotten the URL!]

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