D3 crash on reading D2 file

I recently upgraded to DPro3 from DPro2 (macos Mojave). Generally it behaves fine, but I tried to open one of my D2 files today. After indicating it will convert the score from 2.2 to 3 and showing a progress bar, D3 crashes, and does so consistently. It similarly crashes on opening a musicxml version of the same file that originated from Sibelius. Also that D2 score still opens successfully on D2. I am able to open other of my D2 scores in D3.

Partial image of the failure in attachment.

My scores are generally not very complex. If you need anything else from me to investigate, I’m happy to share. Just let me know how to pass it on.

Don Pazel

Don, the team will want the project posted here. Zip it first.

Also, you should post the crash logs, as per the forum announcements at the top.

If worse comes to worse, you can try transferring the file by XML. One hopes that will not be necessary.

Yes, Don, please do either zip up and attach the project here, or you can send it to me directly (you know my email address). We’ve encountered one crash on opening a project from an earlier version in Dorico 3 which we have fixed in our internal builds but I need to see this specific project to see whether or not we have a different problem on our hands here.

The zip’d file is 3mb (oddly), which the forum will not accept due to size - so, I will send the project file directly to Daniel on his email. I am attaching the crash report here.
Dorico 3_2019-09-07-095704_Donalds-iMac.crash (85.2 KB)
I hope this helps.


Thanks for sending the crash log. It looks suspicious! Hopefully we’ll be able to fix it with the help of the project you’ve also sent.