D3 sounds installer

Upgrading from 2, do we need to DL/install the 9GB sounds installer or is that redundant? Thanks

It’s recommended to download and install it - amongst other things, it includes the HALion Olympus Choir Micro library.

much obliged!

If you want to take advantage of the new Soundiron library for vocal sounds, you should install them. It reads as if 9GB is the total required size, but it will overwrite a previous installing of Dorico 2’s sounds, so it should not require much space.

Sorry to hijack, but if I haven’t installed them previously (I don’t need them), do I need to install them now to upgrade or can I bypass them again?

You can bypass them again, I believe.

I think that’s also why it’s a separate installer. It’s not actually needed.

Thank you guys! Very lively forum today…

Running the new installer will also ensure that you can use the Steinberg Library Manager to manage your samples on disk. (Sounds installers in previous versions of Dorico did not use the Library Manager.)

Also if you are upgrading from Dorico v1 (rather than v2) then you need to upgrade the Sounds installer as well, because you will need the up-to-date version of HALion Sonic SE.