D4.1: iCloud - iPad to PC writing to the same file food fight

Perhaps I missed it in the notes somewhere (I did look!) but I’m finding that with the latest updates on the iPad and D4.1 on a PC using iCloud client that they clobber each other. Same file opened in both, simultaneous edits and saves on both, and I’m not getting a popup on either.

Let me know if there’s further information/diagnostics I can provide, or if this isn’t a supported use case (I remember there was some kind of issue with OneDrive and multiple clients, but I thought iCloud was golden.) I verified the PC was still actively logged into iCloud (it requires a password occasionally)

The file path for the iPad version shows as the full path to the container


Quitting and reloading on the PC doesn’t reload the changes.

So, actually what is happening is that they are disconnected, not clobbering which is good at least.

Apple don’t provide any Windows APIs for iCloud, so we’re reliant on watching the file system for the prompts that appear when files are edited on another device. Dorico will only be able to show that prompt when it detects that the file has actually changed, and it sounds as if the changes you’re making on the iPad are not actually being synced to your PC, at least not immediately.

Hm, the PC in question had been awake the entire time with Dorico running for several hours before I came back to it after being on the iPad. And still after messing around a bit nothing changed. So unfortunate, I’ll do some more digging, fortunately I still have an older Mac, but on the PC the best policy is probably to reload.

Speaking of which, you folks are inundated with requests, but on this feature a “Revert …” menu choice would be mighty handy for this reason.