D4.1: Tempo editor drag multiple control points horiz

Interesting thing with the new Tempo editor in the lower zone, which is when multiple points are selected you can’t move them horizontally, only vertically. Tried multiple modifier keys to no avail. A single selected point can be move arbitrarily, and with using modifier keys to lock to an axis. Use case is pretty common for me, which is slight gradual slowdown for a few beats, then jump back to the main tempo as a performance rubato


I realized the points weren’t aligned with where I wanted them metrically, so needed to move horizontally but they’re auto locked vertically. Work around is to move them individually. Bug or feature?

You can drag multiple selected points left and right in the tempo editor, Dan. Perhaps you could attach a little screen capture of the edit you’re trying to make, providing a bit more context than that little grab?



Only if they’re vertically aligned are they stuck to a vertical drag

That still doesn’t provide me any context. What kinds of points are those?

Sorry I don’t understand the misunderstanding - they’re tempo editor points, this thread is just about the tempo editor which afaik has only one type of point

does that help?

As you can see from this gif:


you can’t move the end of a gradual change and an immediate change together, but you can move the end of the gradual tempo change to another position, then move the immediate change.