D4.2: No sound output

Somehow my D4.2 turned silent even NotePerformer and the Halion sounds are already installed, so I get no sound output when hit P or the spacebar.

I’ve. nothing to select from Stereo Output, actually it should be like below:

Below is my OS infos:
CleanShot 2022-09-15 at 15.08.41@2x

@Ulf May you help please? Thanks.

Hi @NorFonts , to be honest, I also don’t know why there are no output ports detected with you. Maybe we can have a remote screen sharing session? Please send me a private message and we can sort the details.

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@NorFonts, or try following:

  • Stop Dorico
  • Go to ~/Library/Preferences/Dorico 4 AudioEngine
  • Delete the file Port Setup.xml
  • Start Dorico and see how that goes then
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Hi @Ulf

Thanks for the tip, but still have that empty sound output port, no sound at all. Finale 27 and Sibelius 2020 are working fine, except Dorico which turned silent … I’m not sure what’s wrong. I deleted the Port Setup.xml, rerun Dorico but nothing is sounding. I even deleted the whole folder Dorico 4 AudioEngine, rerun Dorico, after a while the same thing, no sound output. Even reinstalled Dorico, …nothing.

Well, I do remember that I had one or two similar cases before, but it is a long time ago and I can’t remember anymore what we did to solve it. I think it was just a lot of tinkering and messing around and then suddenly it was working again. I will search in the forum and see if I can dig up something…

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Hi @NorFonts , in this thread I found a case with the same issue. Please try with the advice that user Luca gave there.

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Dear @Ulf

I followed @lucas_r_r advice, from Device Control Panel, I should check the output as “MacBook Pro Speakers”, this one was unchecked somehow, I don’t know… but now everything works fine! Many thanks!!!

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