D4.3 Crashes After Sending Instance to VEPro

Thanks for the great update! I’m having a problem, though.

I created a Dorico project to use as a template. It is connected to a single VEPro server instance and is coupled to that instance.
I saved this project as a Dorico template.

When I go to New From Template and select my template. Dorico creates the project and VEPro creates the correct instance.

As soon as VEPro finishes loading the instance, Dorico crashes. This happens every time. Attached is the saved template and the diagnostic report.


Dorico v. 4.3.01110
VEPro Server v. 7.1.1427

Archive.zip (3.4 MB)

That version was too buggy, so they actually withdrew it. You probably should roll back to the previous version.

just beat me to it – I found that with the latest version, Dorico couldn’t even connect to VEP. Uninstall VEP and use the Vienna Assistant which will roll you back to v.1406 which seems fine.

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Thank you both; that fixed it.


Actually, it didn’t. It’s still crashes after reverting to the earlier VSL stuff.

Archive 22-11-21.zip (2.7 MB)

Dorico is crashing when telling the audio engine to activate a particular device/plug-in. I’ll ask Ulf if he has any ideas what might be going on.

Unfortunately so far we don’t have any leads on these crashes at the present time. Are you certain that you successfully rolled back VE Pro? I’d also be interested to know whether the problem persists if you move back to Dorico 4.2.

If you use a multi-computers setup, don’t forget, like I did, to roll back to an earlier version of vep on all your machines. Your problem sounds like the one I had

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It still happens with D4.2.

Dorico Diagnostics 22-11-21-2028.zip (1.2 MB)

This one works in D4.3.

Archive 22-11-21-205250.zip (1.7 MB)

If it’s going wrong with both Dorico 4.2 and Dorico 4.3 but wasn’t before, then it definitely suggests the problem is with the VE Pro configuration. Are you absolutely sure everything has been rolled back to the previous, working version?