D4 arrow key navigating in Play

It appears that using the arrow keys to navigate always puts focus on the VST dropdown, instead of the Mixer list. For me at least this keeps leading to errors as my instincts expect to navigate the instruments. What happens is I instead reassign the instrument, which is something I rarely, or basically never want to do. Nuendo works this way, selecting a track and arrow navigating the track list moves up and down that.

Curious of other people’s findings here, but I think track navigation would be better to align with the DAW experience.

Related topic but not the same issue

What I find, Dan, and what I would expect for the time being, is that I can’t navigate around Play mode with the keyboard at all. Can you say a bit more about what you’re actually doing that is causing the routing of the instrument to change?

Hm, on this score I was setting up the VST routing kept grabbing the focus


but what I’m working on at the moment it’s not doing that. Odd glitch but never mind, it’ll be getting worked on anyhow, thanks.