D4 cues popover not responding

Thanks! I started this piece back in 2017 before divisi was implemented, so I was doing lots of hacks with staff labels. I had completely forgotten they are still there!

Still having a problem with this, while it works in a limited way. I want to use the trombones as a cue and I open the popover and type in 3 trombones and nothing happens. I tried 3tbns 3 Trombones etc. Trumpets and tuba show but no trombones.

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From the User Guide:

  • Cues show the music of a single staff, such as the top staff of a piano. If you want to show the material of multiple staves in cues simultaneously, you must input separate cues for each staff so they overlap.

Richard raises an interesting use case I hadn’t thought of: when the most likely thing to be heard is a choir of instruments written on separate staves.

Could someone suggest a method? The multiple-cue idea won’t work for this.

Richard, you have to enter the name of the instrument as it appears in the staff label. In the project you uploaded earlier in this thread, the trombone instrument is called 2 Trombones Bass Trombone so typing anything starting with “3” is going to get you nowhere. But if you type “2 trom” you’ll quickly see your trombone instrument appear.

What I do in cases like this is make a dummy “Cue” player, input the choir into that (quick with Paste Special > Reduce), cue from that and rename the cue label. Of course this isn’t coupled to the original parts anymore so you need to be careful in case the music changes.


Thanks for al the answers, I believe I have finally figured it out.