D4 is it yet possible to hide extra staves in parts in the full score?

I still can’t find a way to do this. Is it still not possible?

If you mean empty (non-playing) staves, per system:
Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Staff Visibility
Dorico has had this since v1.0.

Or do you mean something else?

I mean that when I add extra staves to parts i.e. 3 flutes playing divisi and want to add another staff so I can spread the voices out making it easier to read, those extra staves show up in the score where I don’t want them.

Of course when you create a divisi, you’ll want to also tell it where to end using another divisi change. If you’re in Galley View, yes, unfortunately vertical space is always left for divisi staves even where they are no longer showing.

I just tried using the new Instrument Filter feature for the first time, and it does not seem to operate at the level of divisi staves. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

But normally the divisi feature is intended to be used only for a section such as Violins, who all share a part. Winds normally take separate players so they can each have their own part layout. Then you copy the music where they play unison, and use the Condensing feature for the score. If you did this, you could take advantage of the Instrument Filter to show only one Flute when you want.

Yes, you can use condensing in full scores to reduce music onto fewer staves than you want in their respective parts. You can do this both for section players with divisi staves, and multiple solo players with separate parts appearing on shared staves.]

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Thanks for the info Lillie but I’m still having problems. As shown in the pic I created only one score stave for 3 flutes then in the part added a staff below. Would this not work for condensing since the full score didn’t have a second flute stave in it originally?

If you intend this music to be played by 3 separate flautists, I would recommend setting up your Dorico project such that it contains 3 flute players, and give each player the corresponding single-line of music. Then let Dorico condense those 3 separate players, and display them on as few staves as required to maintain a legible result in the score, but maintaining separate parts (i.e. the Flute 1 part only contains the notes played by the first flute).

If you want to do that for this project, it’ll require some fixup (moving notes to other staves etc).


Thanks for the suggestion. Since it seems like a lot of work in any case I’ve just opened another copy of the score for parts and will save it separately.