D4 keep crashing everyday

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.1 MB)

I can’t have a day without crash with my D4… still don’t know why… please help.


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All of these crash logs show the same crash, but at the moment we have no idea how to reproduce this problem. What are you doing immediately before Dorico crashes? Unfortunately the application.log files that should give us the answer are missing from the diagnostics you’ve uploaded. However, if you’re experiencing this crash a lot, presumably you have a pretty good idea what you need to do in order to bring it about, so please do let me know.

I noticed that D4 crash especially when I make several adjustments in Engrave mode and go back to Write mode, but maybe because I all the time (involuntarily) hit cmd+s to save my modifications?? Even I know that D4 can make autosaved version of my last changes, but sometimes it does not.

I mean it crash all the time once I click on Write mode going from Engrave mode.

So you are experiencing the crash specifically when switching mode, going from Engrave mode to Write mode? Are you using the mouse to click on the Write mode button on the toolbar, or are you using the shortcut Command+2, or are you double-clicking an item in Engrave mode to edit it in Write mode, or are you using the Window menu?

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply.

Well I didn’t used any mousse since 2010 ha! (the year I switched from Windows to Macintosh). I only my MacBook Pro Retina’s trackpad.

I don’t use the Window menu nor the Cmd+2 rather than just clicking on each mode.

Sorry, just so I’m completely clear: you are cicking on the Write and Engrave buttons in the toolbar to switch mode?

Yes… mostly.

I’ve tried being as unpleasant to Dorico as I can, repeatedly changing mode as quickly as I can and randomly clicking, double-clicking etc. on the mode buttons, and I’ve been unable to reproduce any kind of problem. Can you determine any kind of pattern in what you are doing immediately before you change mode when it crashes?

I do have to wonder if a contributing factor is the fact that your machine is 8 years old. Perhaps there are elements of Big Sur that don’t run properly (that is to say, fully) on that old hardware, which could be a contributing factor. (I’m in the same boat, by the way. Was googling the prices of new computers just last night.)

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Dan, I will email you my project and try to change anything in it to. Also, I use Finale SmuFL fonts and sometimes my NorFonts. The project I will send you where the crash happens will only include Finale SMuFL fonts. I know that fonts has nothing to do with the crash, just to check out. Thank you!

Who knows! but frankly Big Sur is in my opinion the best flawless and the quick running OS for my machine (MBPro mid 2014 Retina).

On the whole I agree; it’s one of the things I love about macs even if they are overpriced. The fact of the matter is, you get a lot of life out of the machines and they are supported for a very long time. But I know, for instance, on my imac there are certain features that are not supported because the hardware can’t handle it, so while I’m running the software, the truth is it is only leveraging a certain subset of what the OS is otherwise capable of on newer machines. That’s why I wondered if something similar was happening with you (for instance, if a program leverages metal support but your machine can’t do it, so it has to default to other forms of graphics processing, which then could lead to a glitch).

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Tout à fait, c’est vrai!