D4 midi export

Hi everyone

Is it possible to export the test marks to MIDI so that cubase recognizes them as Markers? In D3.5 this was done automatically.

I gave this a quick test in both Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4.0 and markers are exported identically in both versions, which is what I’d expect.

Thanks for the reply!

in Dorico 3.5 it works perfectly, but in Dorico 4.0.10 it doesn’t work (I’m on windows 10 updated to the latest version).

this is the procedure I used:

I exported the only flow of a project from Dorico 4 to MIDI, I dragged the midi file into a cubase11 project.

instruments and the chord track are displayed correctly, but rehearsal marks are not imported as markers.

am I wrong something?

Dorico doesn’t export rehearsal marks as markers, so far as I know. I tried this specific case in Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 (i.e. creating some rehearsal marks and exporting MIDI), and in both cases the MIDI file is completely identical, and rehearsal marks are not converted to markers.

thanks Daniel. I’ll use the markers